05.04.2017 - 06.04.2017 | Mannheim, Germany

The International Conference on PIAAC and PIAAC-Longitudinal

The International Conference on PIAAC and PIAAC-Longitudinal will be held on 5-6 April 2017 in Mannheim, Germany.

The conference will cover the following topics:

  • competence measures and general mental ability,
  • further education,
  • mismatch in the labor market,
  • skills / skill use / inequality in the labor market,
  • vocational / academic education,
  • adult reading components,
  • problem solving in technology-rich environments,
  • aging and skills / skills development,
  • non-cognitive skills and skills,
  • migration and skills,
  • health and skills,
  • skills in the family / household context and
  • longitudinal PIAAC data.


PIAAC aims to examine adult competencies and skills that determine personal and societal success. The extent to which adults use these skills and competencies in their private lives and in the workplace will be surveyed. In order to investigate the links between adult competencies and possible contributory factors such as education and learning motivation, important demographic data on the respondents will also be collected.
Moreover, PIAAC will establish a link to previous assessments of literacy and numeracy skills. These include, for example, the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) and the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (ALL).

The results of PIAAC will serve policy makers as a basis for the identification of possible courses of action to adapt to future demands of the 21st century in the education and training system. In particular by comparing the results of PIAAC across participating countries, improvement strategies can be developed.


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