Increasing SSH Visibility

To tackle the current and future challenges Europe is facing, research in Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) needs to play a major role in Horizon 2020, the European Framework programme funding research and innovation for the period 2014-2020. Net4Society aims at increasing the visibility of SSH research and its impact on society and the European Research Area.

To promote this aim, Net4Society actively contributes to the dialogues on designing the SSH dimension in Horizon 2020 by making the case for a strong inclusion of SSH research in the programme. In this context, the project will organise a series of expert workshops on topics such as "Embedding SSH in Horizon 2020" or "Increasing the impact of SSH research". Recommendations from the workshop will be published as factsheets.

The Net4Society "ISSUES" magazine includes articles on SSH in Horizon 2020 and targets research policy makers, research managers and other stakeholders.

Net4Society seeks to support SSH researchers by providing regular information on SSH funding opportunities in Horizon 2020 and other ERA-Initiatives and by monitoring SSH integration in the overall Horizon 2020 programme. Information on funding opportunities will be published here.


Selected Past Activities

September 2013

Net4Society submitted a position paper on the future role of SSH in Horizon 2020 as a contribution within a formal consultation that was launched by the Steering Committee of the conference “Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities” (23-24 September 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania).

June 2013

To give recommendations on how to design interdisciplinary research that also includes SSH in Horizon 2020, Net4Society has composed a Policy Brief on interdisciplinarity with concrete recommendations.

January 2013

Net4Society initiated in cooperation with other actors such as the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH) a "Joint Letter from the SSH communities". The Letter was addressed to the Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn, the Members of the European Parliament and the representatives of the Council. This initiative aimed at contributing to the trialogue discussion towards the final design of the Horizon 2020 structure - with a specific reference to the Social Sciences and Humanities role.

October 2011

Together with other European organisations, Net4Society has composed an open letter to the EU Commissioner for Research and Innovation, that makes the case for a strong SSH research programme within the next European Framework Programme Horizon 2020. The letter can be signed online here.

May 2011

Net4Society submitted a position paper in the EC Green Paper Consultation of the Common Strategic Framework for Future Research and Innovation Funding.



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